Bolded names are important slimes.

Pic Name Location Reward Recipe Species
Anjello Anjello Krakatoda Holy water - ???
Baron blubba Baron Blubba Forewood Rockbomb - King Slime
Big daddy Big Daddy Callmigh Recipe Edged boomerang ???
Bitsy Bitsy Krakatoda Obelisk - ???
Blingaling Blingaling Flucifer Necropolis Holy crystal - PlatinumKingJewel
Bo dq Bo Back Recipe Goddess statue She-Slime
Bouncer Bouncer Flying Recipe Special medicine ???
Bubbilly Bubbily Forewood Rockbomb - Bubble Slime
Bud Bud Tootin Wooden arrow - Tree Slime
Bunny Bunny Tootin Wooden arrow - ???
Cheruboing Cheruboing Flucifer Necropolis Recipe Strong medicine ???
Clawdia Clawdia Flucifer Necropolis Oaken club - ???
Clawrence Clawrence Flying Devils tail - ???
Count calories Count Calories Flying Recipe Metal king shield King Bubble Slime
Count dragoola Count Dragoola Krakatoda Recipe Bs 1 crooze Dark Slime
Crystal chronicler Crystal Chronicler Krakatoda Boomerang - ???
Curate rollo Curate Rollo Tootin Holy water - Healslime
Curator Curator Flying Lightning staff - ???
Curedon bleu Curedon Bleu Tootin Catnip - ???
Diablob Diablob Krakatoda Steel broadsword - ???
Dragory Dragory Krakatoda Fire water - ???
Drake Drake Back Holy water - ???
Duke swellington Duke Swellington Callmigh Bs 1 crooze - King Cureslime
Dummy Dummy Krakatoda Recipe Iron arrow ???
Earl luminem Earl Luminum Forewood Iron arrow - Metal King Slime
Early burly Early Burly Back Steel broadsword - ???
Eggbard Eggbard Flucifer Necropolis Goddess statue - Bad Egg
Fangummy bob Fangummy Bob Callmigh Recipe Bastard sword Wild Slime
Flabbot flancisco Flabbot Flancisco Callmigh Recipe Cloaking device ???
Flan spinel Flan Spinel Flying Vulcan gun - Darkonium Slime
Flanpa Flanpa Krakatoda Iron ball - Grandpa Slime
Flantenna Flantenna Forewood Oaken club - ???
Flopsy Flopsy Flying Recipe Kaboomamite ???
Frankenslime Frankenslime Flucifer Necropolis Devils tail - ???
George George Forewood Wooden arrow - ???
Goobrielle Goobrielle Krakatoda Recipe Clap trap ???
Goochie Goochie Flucifer Necropolis Recipe Metal king sword ???
Goodith Goodith Tootin Pompom - Metal Slime
Goolia Goolia Tootin Wooden arrow - ???
Goopid Goopid Krakatoda Holy water - Angel Slime
Goosashi DQHRS Goosashi Back Recipe Medicinal herb ???
Gooshido DQHRS Gooshido Back Recipe Miracle sword ???
Tokyo tom Tokyo Tom Back Recipe Holy water ???
Gootrude Gootrude Tootin Obelisk - She Slime
Goozanna Goozanna Forewood Wooden arrow - Green Slime
Gregg Gregg Callmigh Iron arrow - ???
Her royal wobbliness HerRoyalWobbliness Flucifer Necropolis Gold bar - ???
His royal wobbliness


Forewood Chest - ???
Hooly DQHRS Hooly Tootin Fire water - Healslime
Itsy Itsy Krakatoda Shuriken - ???
Jewelian Jewelian Callmigh Recipe Irritaball Gem Slime
Jumpy Jumpy Forewood Recipe Steel broadsword Slabbit
Kworry Kworry Krakatoda Thousandweight - ???
Lady poly Lady Poly Krakatoda Iron ball - ???
Lord lard Lord Lard Flucifer Necropolis Recipe Gold bar ???
Lord roly Lord Roly Flucifer Necropolis Recipe Mirror shield ???
Mag max Mag Max Krakatoda Oaken club - ???
Mama mia Mama Mia Callmigh Medicinal herb - ???
Meggan Meggan Flucifer Necropolis Bs 1 crooze - ???
Merc Merc Krakatoda Boomerang - Liquid Metal Slime
Michelle Michelle Flucifer Necropolis Holy water - ???
Morrie morrie Morrie Morrie Callmigh Orichalcum - ???
Mother glooperior Mother Glooperior Forewood Chest - ???
Mr hooly Mr. Hooly Callmigh Strong medicine - Healslime
Mrs hooly Mrs. Hooly Callmigh Goddess statue - ???
Namby Namby Tootin Bombshell - ???
Pamby Pamby Flucifer Necropolis Holy crystal - ???
Patch Patch Callmigh Iron arrow - ???
Pebbles Pebbles Krakatoda Recipe Chili pepper ???
Peewee Peewee Forewood Rockbomb - Drake Slime
Perry Perry Tootin Rockbomb - Shell Slime
Plopstar Plopstar Forewood Girder - ???
Poxie Poxie Tootin Wooden arrow - Mottle Mendslime
Prince pigummy Prince Pigummy Tootin Recipe Shuriken ???
Princess gluttonella Princess Gluttonella Flying Recipe Weapon tablet ???
Roboglob Roboglob Flying Bs 2 blue streak - ???
Rocky Rocky Krakatoda Iron arrow - ???
Rustle sprout Rustle Sprout Tootin Wooden arrow - ???
Sheala Sheala Flying Wooden arrow - Sootheslime
Shelby Shelby Flying Girder - Sea Slime
Sir sudsy Sir Sudsy Callmigh Recipe Bs 2 blue streak ???
Sliborg Sliborg Flying Iron shield DQHRS - ???
Slimechanic Slimechanic Tootin Girder - ???
Sliminator Sliminator Flucifer Necropolis Recipe Lightning staff Cyber Slime
Soapia Soapia Flucifer Necropolis Recipe Spooklear bomb ???
Speckles Speckles Forewood Fire water - ???
Splatrick Splatrick Krakatoda Oaken club - Mottle She Slime
Splodgy dave Splodgy Dave Callmigh Vulcan gun - Mottle Slime
Spot Spot Callmigh Recipe Fire water ???
Starthur Starthur Forewood Recipe Iron ball ???
Startist Startist Tootin Catnip - ???
Stony Stony Forewood Pompom - Rubble Slime
Swotsy p Swotsy Forewood Pompom - Drake Slime
Teeny Teeny Callmigh Recipe Miracle sword ???
Tickled pink Tickled Pink Forewood Oaken club - ???
Tickles Tickles Flucifer Necropolis Holy crystal - ???
Viscount viscous Viscount Viscous Flying Recipe Orichalcum ???
Weeny Weeny Flucifer Necropolis Shuriken - ???
Wild fang Wild Fang Flucifer Necropolis Recipe Vulcan bullets ???
Winkles Winkles Tootin Wooden arrow - ???

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