Dragon Warrior I

&nbsp Here there is a list of all of the monsters in Dragon Warrior I. A total of 40. Sprites from SNES. For other game sprites click on sprite.

Pic Name No.
SNES ARM NT Armoured Knight -
SNES AX NT Axe Knight -
SNES BL DRG Blue Dragon -
SNES DM NT Demon Knight -
SNES DRGLD FK Dragonlord :Fake: -
SNES DRGLD RL Dragonlord :Real: -
SNES DRK Drakee -
SNES DRKM Drakeema -
SNES DRL Droll -
SNES DRLMG Drollmagi -
SNES DRN Druin -
SNES DRNLRD Druinlord -
SNES GST Ghost -
SNES GLDMN Goldman -
SNES GLM Golem -
SNES GRN DRG Green Dragon -
SNES NT Knight -
SNES MGCN Magician -
SNES MGDRK Magidrakee -
SNES MGWVR Magiwyvern -
SNES MTL SCRP Metal Scorpion -
SNES MTL Metal Slime -
SNES PLTRGST Poltergeist -
SNES RD DRG Red Dragon -
SNES RD SLM Red Slime -
SNES RG SCRPN Rogue Scorpion -
SNES SCRPN Scorpion -
SNES SKLTN Skeleton -
SNES SLM Slime -
SNES SPCTR Specter -
SNES STRWVR Starwyvern -
SNES STNMN Stoneman -
SNES WRLK Warlock -
SNES WRWLF Werewolf -
SNES WZRD Wizard -
SNES WLFLRD Wolflord -
SNES WRTH Wraith -
SNES WRTH KNG Wraith King -
SNES WVR Wyvern -

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