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Nevan Info

Nevan, first called Chamoro, is a probably young, very smart boy. His clothes are a bit silly but very vibrant due to the bright colors. He wears a yellow dresslike piece of clothing with one side being covered by a pink half vest and a brown belt tying the waist. On his head he wears a pointy yellow and pink hat. Nevan has golden glasses. This young boy´s pants are orange and his shoes are black with white socks. Finally, he carries a blue purse on the left side of his body. His hair color is undefined.


Nevan is seen for the first time in the game when the party arrives at the village of Ghent. The hero, Carver and Milly want to use the boat at Ghent but the elder wont let them. Time stops and Nevan is told by the godess that he shall go with the heroes and so he does.

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