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Terry, a silver haired boy, wears very bright clothes. His blue clothes are kind of dresslike. He wears a a cuirass, probably made out of leather. His gloves are blue and resemble Ultramarine Mittens .Under his blue coat Terry has a black shirt. His pants are beige and boots are black with beige. The boy carries an orange purse.


Terry is a character from Dragon Quest VI, who joins very near the end of the game. This boy is the younger brother of Milly. His sister was taken away from him when he was little so Terry set out on a journey in seek of her. He journeyed for so long he forgot about his initial mission and became a lonesome warrior who didn't even recognize Milly when they came near each other. He is seen for the first time in Arkbolt , carrying a coffin out of the castle. The boy is going to Wayfarer's Pass and defeats the Hacksaurus before the party gets there. He is later seen in the Everfrost Grotto , near Mt. Snowhere , where he leaves the Rusty Sword , or actually the Sword of Ramias for the party. The last time he appears before joining the team is at the Stormsgate Citadel , where Dhuran calls him as his servant and makes him fight the party. After he is defeated, Dhuran himself fights the heroes and once the wicked boss is gone, Terry joins the party and realizes that the blonde girl in the party is his sister, Milly.

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Terry and Angelo have the same hair color and style.

By joining his name and his sister's name, you pronounce the word military