Dragon Quest IIIEdit

Cleric Soldier Fighter Pilgrim
Cleric Soldier Fighter Pilgrim

Merchant Jester Sage3 Hero 3
Merchant Jester Sage Hero

Dragon Quest VIEdit

Beginner VocationsEdit

Soldier2 Cleric Cleric2 Pilgrim2
Warrior Mage Martial Artist Priest

Maya Thief3 MonsterMaster Merchant
Dancer Thief Monster Master Merchant


Intermediate VocationsEdit

Sage2 Armamentalist Gladiator Ranger
Sage Armamentalist Gladiator Ranger

Paladin Luminary
Paladin Luminary

Advanced VocationsEdit

Hero 6 Dragon Liquid Metal Slime
Hero Dragon Liquid Metal Slime

Dragon Quest VIIEdit

to be added

Dragon Quest IXEdit

to be added

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